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  2012 Suzhou Venture Week for International Elites Cordially Invites Your Participance
¡¤ CAST¡°Home Program¡±Suzhou Working Base Unveils
¡¤ SZAST System Chairman Working Meeting Held to Seek Innovation and Development at the New Starting Point
¡¤ Ten High-Level Academic Projects will beSponsored by Suzhou Government in 2011
¡¤ Jiang Hongkun Meets President of University of Dayton
¡¤ Suzhou International Science Park Honored as "Best Innovation Park"
Officials from Embassy and Consulate of Switzerland visit Suzhou
¡¤ 2011 New Year Tea Party Held for Sci-Tech Personnel of Suzhou
¡¤ Vice Party Secretary of CPC Suzhou Committee Xu Jianming Inspects SZAST
¡¤ The 6th Suzhou Academic Biennial Conference Solemly Opens

2010 China(Suzhou) Int¡¯l Biotech Exhibition Unveils

¡¤ The 1st International Nanoart Exhibition Inaugurates in Suzhou


Brief Introduction to Suzhou Association for Science and Technology
Founded in 1958, Suzhou Association for Science and Technology (SZAST)is a non-governmental organizationof scientific and technological workers under the leadership of Communist Party of China, Suzhou Committee.SZAST is the bridge linking Suzhou science ...

TCM classroom teaching
Trips to Botanical Mountain to recognize Chinese herbs


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