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SZAST System Chairman Working Meeting Held to Seek
Innovation and Development at the New Starting Point

°°April 21, 2011, Suzhou Association for Science and Technology (SZAST) system chairman working meeting is held to discuss working principles. At the meeting, working experience is exchanged, recent work is deployed, development measure is planned. Prof. Ji Shunjun, Chairman of Suzhou Association for Science and Technology presides over the meeting and delivers an improtant speech. He asks all SZAST system to further standardize general work, strengthen focal work, highlight the bright work, in order to seek innovation and development at the new starting point.

°°Chairman Ji points out that in recent years, the work of Association for Science and Technology ,which is an important part of the party's mass work, the national science and technology work and the human resources work ,has been attached great importance by the central government and party committees and governments at all levels, and is now facing unprecedented opportunities for development. Should the work of SZAST be consistent with the Suzhou°Įs status in economic and social development and be the vanguard of Jiangsu Province and China, we should mainly depend on innovative ideas and methods to make new breakthroughs with effectiveness.

°°Chairman Ji stresses that the following three aspects should be fully implemented in order to make new development: First, we must better understand the situation, clarify ideas, clear objectives and achieve a new leap in the cause of the SZAST; Second, we should make innovative ways to further strengthen the integration, and make new measures for the current SZAST work; Third, we should further focus on key issues and seek new breakthroughs in the work.

°°Ms. Bai Jinghong, Mr. Zhang Yifeng, Vice Chairman of SZAST, Chairpersons of Association for Science and Technology of Suzhou subordinated districts and counties take part in the meeting.

Meeting Scene

Chairman Ji delivers an important speech

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