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Document of Suzhou Municipal Government
Mar.7th ,2007
Opinions of Suzhou Municipal Government on the Program for Cultivating Suzhou Innovative and Enterprising Talents

By Administrative Office of Suzhou Municipal Government


¡¡To all county-level and distirct governments, Suzou Industrial Park, Suzhou New District, Taicang Harbor Administrative Committee, All Suzhou bureaus and committees and all aflliliated organs:

¡¡In order to further optimize the circumstance of innovation and enterprising , actively attract and centralize high-tech leading talents at home and abroad to innovate and start their new business in Suzhou, truly improve independent innovation ability of Suzhou, accelerate building innovative city, In line with the spirit of Views of China Community Party Suzhou Committee and Suzhou Municipal Government about Accelerating BuildingIinnovative and Enterprising Talents Group, we put forward the following opinions about implementing ¡° the program for cultivating Suzhou innovative and enterprising leading talents(shortened as leading talents hereinafter¡±:

¡¡1. General objective
¡¡Make full use of intelligence resource, actively attract high-tech leading talents at home and aborad to innovate and run their own business in Suzhou; Take advange of Suzhou high-tech human resource sufficiently, actively attract high-tech leading talents to be professor (researcher) and establish lab in innovative carrier; actively promote the commercialization of high-tech leading talents¡¯ S&T achievement. On the basis of ¡° openness, equality, justice, excellent priority¡±, Suzhou government plan to support about 10 leading talents regardless of nationality and section. By implementing relevant various supporting measures of government, innovative, enterprising carrier and financial institutions, the program is expected to create favorable environments and conditions to assist leading talents to realize the process from innovation to enterprising , from S&T research to commercialization. In addition, the major goal of the Program is to establish a new mechanism for innovation, enterprising, and pursue high quality, to make our city become one of the areas which will be the top priority for innovative and enterprising leading talents.

¡¡2. Supporting key technologies
This program mainly support integrated circuit and software, modern communciation, photoelectron, nano-technology, biology and medicine, new materials, equipment manufacturing , environmental protection and rational utilization of resources as priorities, vehicle accessory, fine chemical engineer, characteristic agriculture and modern tertiary industry, etc.
3. Object and qualification
Generally, leading talents should have master degree or above, other qualifications include :
(1) The leading talents should hold independent intellectual property rights and invention patent, and his technological achievement shall? keep ahead in the world, could fill up the blank at home, have better market potential and commercialized prospect.
(2) The talents shall have more than 3 years oversea working experience, be the leader of one subject or technological field abroad, could lead the cooresponding industry to advanced level in the world.
(3) The leading talents shall have technology, project, capital in the key technological industry of Suzhou.
4. Supporting policies
(1) The supporting policies for talents
In line with Some Views about Implementing the Project for Introducing One Thousand High-level Innovative and Enterprising Talents, and Sponsoring Measures for Introducing Suzhou Demanded High-level Talents, 200,000-1,000,000 RMB residence financial allowance will be given to leading talents who decided to settle down in Suzhou, and Suzhou government will assist them with the employment of their realtive and enrollment of their children,etc.
(2) The supporting polices for innotative and enterprising
I ?The enterprising carrier will offer not less than 100 M2 working place and be exempted from three years¡¯ rent for leading talents who are stationed in enterprising carriers.
II ?The innovative carriers will offer professor or researcher the corresponding number of enrollment for graduate students to the leading talents, sponsor not less than 500,000RMB R&D start-up capital and offer corresponding R&D ground and equipments.
(3) Support of the S&T development special project
In accordance with The Measures for Administration of Suzhou S&T Program and Project, the leading talents will be sponsored not less than 2,000,000RMB by the S&T development special project .
(4) The support from financial institutions
According to the conditions, the project charged by leading talents will be preferential recommended to enterprising venture capital. If the project is adopted, Suzhou S&T Enterprising Invesment Co., Ltd, will offer corresponding capital with the amount not less than 10% venture capital.
5. Supplementary Provisions
This document shall be implemented since the date of issue and Suzhou talents administrative leading group office shall formulate concrete measures in accordance with this document.

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