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CAS-IAU Joint Solar Elcipse Meeting¡ªThe Dynamic Solar Corona

¡¡ Sponsored by International Astronomical Union, Chinese Astronomical Society, National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Nanjing University, CAS-IAU Joint Solar Elcipse Meeting¡ªThe Dynamic Solar Corona was held in Suzhou International Conference Center on July 23, 2009. Mr. Wang Guoxiang, Vice Secretary General of Suzhou Municipal addressed opening ceremony of the syposium. Mr. Zhang Yifeng, Vice Chairman of Suzhou Association for Science and Technology took part in the symposium upon special invitation.

¡¡The organizing committee of the symposium was consisted of famous astronomers from China, USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Japan and othere countries. Fang Cheng, Vice Chairman of International Astronomical Union, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, held the chairman post of the organizing committee. Apart from the organizing committee members, there were 126 scholars from home and abroad took part in the symposium, including 70 plus scholars from 19 foerign countries. The organizing committee specially invited 14 active scholars to make ?academic lectures, carefully selected 50 scholars to make oral presentations. What¡¯s more, 30 plus scholars delivered written material to present their achievements.
The symposium displayed main observation results during the July 22 total solar eclipse, and made a heated discussion on the frontier science topics such as evolution characteristics of magnetic field in the air of the Sun and its measurement, heating of corona fluctuation of the air of the Sun, physical mechanism of solar flare. In the end of, Eric Priest, Professor of St Andrews, Scotland, Member of Royal Astronomical Society of England, together with Bougeret, Researcher of Paris Astronomical Observotaries addressed syposium. They praised highly of the organizing work of the symposium and the achievements yielded from the symposium. Professor Culhane from London University, another Member of Royal Astronomical Society of England also gave warm congratulations on the great success of the symposium.?

¡¡Starlit Sky¡¤Universe
¡¡¡ª¡ªSelected Art Exhibition of Suzhou Embroidery during The Dynamic Solar ¡¡Corona Symposium

¡¡Look up at the starlit sky, brilliant stars always present humankind the mysterious and harmonious picture of universe by their extraordinary magnificence and tranquility. Gorgeous starlit sky, beautiful Milky Way Galaxy, colorful and charming extragalactic nebula, etc., the superb pictures observed by modern telescope deeply excite our minds.

¡¡Suzhou Embroidery has a history of more than 2,000 years. The art is nimble in stitch, exquisite in work, vivid in image, even and smooth in skill. For a long time, the themes of Suzhou Embroidery have always been concentrated on figures, mountains and rivers, creatures and landscapes, nobody has ever related the theme to gorgeous heavenly bodies. Applying the rich and unique stitch of Suzhou Embroidery to manifest the form, organization, color and delicate structure of heavenly bodies is not only an innovation in art, but also an innovation in the choice of theme.
Goethe once said, ¡°Only by taking science as art can we acqurie complete knowledge from science. And only by artistic way of thinking can we have a deeper understanding of scientific principles ,and in consequence, a deeper discovery.¡±
Tsung-Dao Lee has a famous saying, ¡°Science and art are the two sides of a coin. Both of them appear simutaneously along with humankind and are communicated with each other along with the existence of humankind.¡±

¡¡To apply the traditional art of Suzhou Embroidery to reappear the mystery and magnificence of heavenly bodies in universe is to intergrate the two sides of the coin harmoniously into one part. The art of Suzhou Embroidery reenergized with profound scientific and cultural connotation is being put forward into a world platform, a universe platform.?

¡¡The exhibition is solemnly dedicated to 2009 International Year of Astronomy.


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