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The 28th General Assembly of International Council for
Scientific Unions (ICSU)Concludes Successfully in Suzhou

¡¡October 18, 2005 saw the grand opening of the 28th General Assembly of International Council for Scientific Unions (ICSU) solemnly held in Suzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. More than 600 scientists and experts, including 270 world-class foreign scientists from 64 countries and regions, 20 plus Chinese academicians and 300 plus Chinese scientists attended the grand science gala. State Councilor Ms.Chen Zhili; Mr. Lu Yongxiang, Vice Chairman of Chinese People¡¯s Congress Standing Committee, President of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Mr. Zhou Guangzhao, Chairman of China Association for Science and Technology(CAST); Ms Deng Nan, Party Secretary of CAST CPC Committee; Mr. Feng Changgen and Ms. Cheng Donghong, Secretary of CAST Secretariat took part in the conference. Mr. Li Yuanchao, Party Secretary of Jiangsu Province CPC Committee; Mr. Liang Baohua, Governor of Jiangsu Province; Mr. Wang Rong, Member of Jiangsu Province CPC Standing Committee, Party Secretary of Suzhou Municipal CPC Committee; Mr. Zhang Taolin, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province; Mr. Yan Li, Mayor of Suzhou Municipality also participated in the opening ceremony. Jane Lubchenco, President of ICSU chaired the opening ceremony.

¡¡ICSU, founded in 1931, is the most influential and authoritative non-governmental organization in the world of science. Distinguished as¡°United Nations of Science¡±, it has recruited delegates of the world¡¯s major fields in natural science whose academic activities represent the trend and standard of the development of science in the present world.

¡¡The 28th General Assembly ICSU in Suzhou lasted from October 18 to October 21, 2005, looking into the world development of science and technology and the trend in scientific and technological cooperations in next decade. The General Assembly discussed and passed the ICSU strategic development plan for the next six years, launched two international interdiciplinary cooperative programs: International Polar Year 2007-2008 Program, Natural and Man-induced Disasters Prevention and Mitigation. It also passed projects intended for administration and propagation of scientific data and information. Professor Mehta, President of India Science Academy and Professor Fu Congbin, Academician of China Academy of Engineering, CAST Vice President and climatologist, were elected respectively ICSU Presedient and Executive Councilor for the new term. Forum of National Members and Union Members and a news conference was also held during the conference period.

¡¡¡°Isn¡¯t it happy to have friends coming afar?¡± As the hosts, CAST, Jiangsu Province, Suzhou Municipality, Suzhou Association for Science and Technology entertained hospitably the delegates and guests. CAST hosted a banquet at Suzhou Sheraton Hotel in honor of scientists of all countires. Mr. Zhou Guangzhao, Chairman of CAST, delivered a speech which was followed by ICSU President, Jane Lubchenco who expressed thanks to CAST and Suzhou for the successful conference. Jiangsu Provincial Government and Suzhou Municipal Government also co-hosted a grand cocktail party at Suzhou International Conference Center in honor of the delegates and guests. Mr. Yan Li, Mayor of Suzhou Municipality delivered a warm welcome speech and ICSU President Jane Lubchenco a thank-you speech. Suzhou Association for Science and Technology also served a banquet in honor of the ICSU councilors.

¡¡As one of the major event in 28th ICSU General Assembly agneda, ¡°Evening of Science Popularization¡±was celebrated at Panmen scenic spot. More than 200 scientists from home and abraod joined up with over 1500 local people to get a feel of the culture and histroy of the city. Folk paintings, carvings, Kun Opera, Pingtan(story-telling and ballad-singing),local snacks, lantern riddles on popular science, astro-observation at the ancient gate tower, theatrical performance were overwhelming to the masters of sciences. At the plenary session the following day, all delegates gave warm applause to the successful ¡°Evening of Science Popularization¡± with the proposal of Jane Lubchenco.

¡¡In order to take full advantage of the resources in 28th ICSU General Assembly, under the direction and support of CAST, Suzhou Association for Science and Technology carefully organized academic forums such as Forum on China Digital City Development Strategy, Forum on Conservation and Rational Utilization of Land Resource in Developed Areas and Symposium on the Science Purpose in LAMOST Pre-observation Period; theme speeches such as ¡°Future is in our hand: environmental changes and human happiness¡± delivered by Jane Lubchenco,¡±Challenging the future: 21st century enerty, environment and economy¡± by Prof. Burton Richter, ICSU Councilor and Nobel Physics Prize Winner; science popularization exhibitions such as photo exhibition of science popularization in memory of 100 anniversary of ¡°Theory of Relativity¡± by Albert Einstein.

¡¡With considerate preparation, the organizing work of 28th ICSU General Assembly was excellent and satisfactory. Ms.Wei Yu, Vice Chairman of CAST, Academician of China Academy of Engineering said, ¡°The assembly is well prepares. Souvenirs such as stamp albums are favorite collections for the overseas scientists. The hosting capacity completely meets up with international standard. I¡¯m pleased that we made the right decision to choose Suzhou as the host city.¡±.The charming city of Suzhou also deeply impressed the delegates. As Prof. Mohammed T. Khayyal from Cairo Medical College said, ¡°Suzhou lives up to its name, as ICSU guidebook puts it, an ingenious integration of modernity and tradition. It¡¯s a charming city, just like the famous double-sided embroidery, look at the fascinating night scene! How I wish I could live here forever!¡±

Grand Opening of 28th ICSU General Assembly
Ms.Chen Zhili, State Councilor, delivered opening remarks on behalf of Chinese Government
Mr. Liang Baohua, Governor of Jiangsu Province addressed the General Assembly
Ms.Jane Lubchenco, President of ICSU,chaired the opening ceremony
State Councilor Chen Zhili took photo with EB Members of ICSU
National Members's Forum
News Conference
Science Popularization Evening 1
Science Popularization Evening 2
CAST hosted a banquet in honor of the delegates and guests
Jiangsu Province and Suzhou Municipality hosted a banquet in honor of the delegates and guests
SZAST leading group warmly met MS.Jane Lubchenco

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