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°°Agreement signed successfully between SZAST and NSMS-CAA

°°July 13,2010 saw the agreement signed successfully between Suzhou Association for Science and Technology(SZAST) and National Society of Medical Scientists - Chinese American Association(NSMS-CAA) in the agreement signing ceremony of 2010 Suzhou Venture Week for International Elites. Mr. Ming Liang, Chairman of SZAST and Mr. Fan Saijun, Vice President of NSMS-CAA signed the agreement.

°°NSMS-CAA is a non-profit society in America with more than 2,000 members in universities, hospitals, R&D institutions, S&T enterprises as the mainstays. NSMS-CAA maintains great advantage in acquiring information about bio-medicine, technology market and need for talented people. The purpose of the agreement signing aims at establishing a link between the two parties by making full play of individual advantage so as to enhance the core international competitiveness of Suzhou and provide good service to overseas Chinese who are determined to serve motherland.

°°After the agreement is signed, SZAST and NSMS-CAA will establish information exchange platform, share information resource, assist the other party to get familiar with the politics, economy, law and relevant issues of the country, recommend high level talents to integrate with the international sci-tech environment upon need, advance exchange visit of high level talents, and promote the prosperity and intergration of both parties°Įs science and technology.

Agreement signed successfully between SZAST and NSMS-CAA

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Founded in 1958, Suzhou Association for Science and Technology (SZAST)is a non-governmental organizationof scientific and technological workers under the leadership of Communist Party of China, Suzhou Committee.SZAST is the bridge linking Suzhou science ...

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