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Waterside City
¡¤ Eclipse ¡¤Trace
¡ª¡ª Record of Suzhou Observations and Activities for Chinese Yangtze ??River¡¯s Great Eclipse in 2009 International Year of Astronomy
Chief Editor: Ming Liang


¡¡¢±Fang Cheng, Academician, Vice Chairman of International Astronomical Union
¡¡¢² Yang Ji, Diretor of Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences
¡¡¢³ Zhou Weiqiang, Member of Standing Committee of CPC Suzhou Committee, Vice Mayor of Suzhou Municipal Government

¡¡Part One: Waterside City Chapter
¡¡Waterside City Chapter¡ª¡ªGreat Eclipse of Yangtze River, Science Popularization tide was waving in Suzhou

¡¡2009 International Year of Astronomy
¡¡July 22
¡¡Great Eclipse of Yangtze River
¡¡Total Solar Eclipse Area Swept Eastward Across Yangtze River Range
¡¡With a total length of more than 10,000km
¡¡And a width of about 250km
¡¡Passing by 11 provinces and 40 plus riverside cities
¡¡The unprecedented splendid celestrial phenomenon attracted world¡¯s 800 million eyes.
¡¡The ancient and modern waterside city was seething with excitement
¡¡From observatory in Purple Mountain to Shangfang Mountain by Shihu Lakeside
¡¡From Nobel Prize Winner to teenagers of both sides of the Taiwan Straits
¡¡Once more, the attention of the whole world was focusing on Suzhou¡­¡­

¡¡¢± 2009 International Year of Astronomy
¡¡¢ÅOrigin of International Year of Astronomy
¡¡¢ÆAspriation of International Year of Astronomy
¡¡¢ÇSupporting Projects of International Year of Astronomy
¡¡¢ÈObjectives of International Year of Astronomy

¡¡¢² Start-up

¡¡¢ÅSolar Ecliplse at Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
¡¡¢Æ Jiangsu Provincial Conference on Starting IYA Related Activities
¡¡¢Ç 100 Hours of Astronomy¡ª¡ªStarlit Sky of Dushu Lake
¡¡¢È Hand in Hand, Commonly Greet International Year of Astronomy¡ª¡ªLight of Xinghai School
¡¡¢É Government Plays a Leading Role
¡¡¢Ê Coordinated Conferences
¡¡¢Ë Reserve Plans
¡¡¢Í Board Granting Ceremony¡ª¡ªNews Conference of China¡¯s Four Central Ministries and Comminissions
¡¡¢Ì Spreading
¡¡¡ø Medias£¨Newspaper, Television, Radio£©
¡¡¡ø Internet
¡¡¡ø Outdoors LED Advertising Screen
¡¡¡ø Mobile Phone Short Messages
¡¡¡ø Souvenirs£¨Cultural T-shirt, Sun Hat, Glasses£©
¡¡¢Î Advancing
¡¡¡ø Publicity Slogans and Banners
¡¡¡ø Training
¡¡¡ø Pamphlets
¡¡¡ø Photo Exhibition of ¡°From Earth to Universe¡±
¡¡¡ø Joint Exhitition of Total Solar Eclipse at Communities
¡¡¢Ï Doubts Removing£¨Lectures£©
¡¡¡ø Lectures
¡¡¡ò Jiangsu Association for Science and Technology
¡¡¡ò Suzhou Municipal Library
¡¡¡ò Educational Network School
¡¡¡ò Ming Cheng Suzhou Website
¡¡¡ò Changshu City
¡¡¡ò Zhangjiagang City
¡¡¡ò Pingjiang District
¡¡¡ò Wuxi City
¡¡¡ò Changzhou City
¡¡¡ò Zhenjiang City
¡¡¡ò Jingjiang City
¡¡¢Ð Volunteers Activity
¡¡¡ø Chapter
¡¡¡ø Selection
¡¡¡ø Flag Granting
¡¡¡ø Action
¡¡¢Ñ Astronomy Lovers
¡¡¡ø Stars Union Club
¡¡¡ø Universities
¡¡¡ø Middle Schools
¡¡¡ø Primary Schools
¡¡¡ø United Team of Observation

¡¡Part Two: Eclipse Chapter
¡¡¡ù Foreword
¡¡Eclipse Chapter----Kuafu Pursued Rays of the Sun,Gala of Sci-Tech and Civilization

¡¡Kuafu, a Chinese myth hero, pursued rays of the Sun, showing the rise of soul Dark clouds obstructed our view
¡¡Pouring rain extinguished not our enthusiasm
¡¡No regret, nor discouragement
¡¡Four hundred years of waiting finally greeted the meeting of the three stars
Darkness of more than five miniutes
¡¡400 million times of glances shortened the distance between universe and human race
¡¡We£¬witnessed the miracle occuring once in a thousand years
¡¡We, experienceed the splendid celestrial phenomenon in Divine Land
¡¡It was an extraordinary appointment in universe
¡¡It was a gala of modern sci-tech and human civilization

¡¡¢± Brief Introduction to Solar Eclipse
¡¡¢² Historical Materials
¡¡¢³ Principle£¨Cause£©
¡¡¢´ Highlights
¡¡¢µ Itinerary Map
¡¡¢¶ Eclipse Occuring Time
¡¡¢· Observation Zone
¡¡¢ÅInternational Observation Zone of Shangfang Mountain
¡¡¡ø Professional Observation Zone of Purple Mountain Observatory
¡¡¡ø International Observation Team
¡¡¡ø Observation Zone of Two Sides of the Taiwan Straits
¡¡¡ø Television Transmission Zone
¡¡¡ø Internet Transmission Zone
¡¡¢Æ Public Observation Zone
¡¡¡ø Ten Public Observation Points in Urban District
¡¡¡ò Dushu Lake Higher Education Zone
¡¡¡ò Ligong Causeway of Suzhou Industrial Park
¡¡¡ò Baitang Botanic Garden of Suzhou Industrial Park
¡¡¡ò Guihua Park
¡¡¡ò Suzhou Amusement Park
¡¡¡ò Xinxiang Park
¡¡¡ò Tongjing Park
¡¡¡ò City Residents Square of Wuzhong District
¡¡¡ò Changqiao Primary School
¡¡¡ò Hubin Avenue
¡¡¢Ç Expeditionary Teams
¡¡¢È City Expressions
¡¡¡ø Changshu City
¡¡¡ø Wujiang City
¡¡¡ø Taicang City
¡¡¡ø Kunshan City
¡¡¡ø Zhangjiagang City
¡¡(5) Witnessing the Rebirth of the Sun¡ª¡ªSelected Travelling Routes for Total Solar Eclipse

¡¡Part Three: Trace Chapter
¡¡¡ù Foreward
¡¡Trace Chapter¡ª¡ªThe Moon Moves Eastward, Our Troops always Marching toward the Sun

¡¡Hegel said
¡¡A nation has hope who has some people deeply concern the sky
¡¡A nation has no future who only pay attention to things underfoot
¡¡Premier Wen said
¡¡Look up to the sky, learn behaving,learn thinking,learn knowledge and skill
¡¡And be a person concerning the destiny of the world and one¡¯s own conutry
¡¡Immense starlit sky attracts countless eyes and enthusiasm of Chinese people
¡¡From baby learning to speak to senior citizen with grey hair
¡¡The moon moves eastward,our troops always marching toward the sun
¡¡Fulfill the dreams with broad and extensive mind
¡¡Integrate with the world¡¯s development£¬the successors of the dragon ignite ¡¡blazing fire of hope, with spring thunder crashing?

¡¡¢± The Dynamic Solar Corona Symposium
¡¡¢² Antarctic Dome A Frontier Symposium
¡¡¢³ Nobel Prizer Winner¡¯s Lecture
¡¡¢´ Brilliant Stars
¡¡¢Å Suzhou Star
¡¡¢Æ Changshu Star
¡¡¢Ç Suzhou No.3 High School Star
¡¡¢È Yangtze River Village Star
¡¡¢É Chien-Shiung Wu Star
¡¡¢Ê Fei Junlong Star
¡¡¢Ë Chen Tao Star
¡¡¢µ ¡°Starlit Sky¡¤Universe¡±--Art Exhibition of Suzhou Embroidery
¡¡¢¶ ¡°Astromony and World Heritage¡±--International Summer Camp


¡¡Remark:? Waterside City ¡¤ Eclipse ¡¤Trace ?is a book published to celebrate 2009 International Year of Astronomy and 50th Anniversary of the founding of Suzhou Association for Science and Technology.

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