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Speech on Science Popularization Activity

on the 40th World Earth Day

April 20,2009
by Zekro Aflatuni

Famous Foreign Friend
Image Representative of Suzhou
Visiting Prof.& Quality Expert
Suzhou University

¡¡Ladies and Gentlemen, Citizens of Suzhou, Good afternoon!

¡¡Today is the 40th World Earth Day, I am very glad to be invited by Suzhou Association of Science and Technology to participate in the science popularization activity.

¡¡First of all, please allow me, on behalf of all the foreign friends in Suzhou, to express a warm congratulation to the successful opening of the activity!

¡¡World Earth Day is an international day launched forty years ago and it marks the beginning of environmental protection in modern history of mankind. Since then, World Earth Day has been playing a very important role in the stipulation of environmental law, in the foundation of government institution of environmental protection, in the establishment of international organizations such as International Green Peace Organization and Environmental Planning Department of the United Nations.

¡¡Today, around the globe we are well aware of the environmental problems such as the deterioration of ecosystem, the extinction of bio-species, damage to the ozone layer, the ¡°green-house effect¡±, acid rain and desertification, which have posed a serious threat to mankind as well as to other creatures.?

¡¡Knowing all these problems can we still remain passive and let things continue as before?? No way! It is time for immediate actions!
I believe we need to focus on the following two major areas of activities:

¡¡Grass-root actions

¡¡International cooperation


¡¡Today, I would like to mainly talk about Grass-root actions.
Grass root actions mean that environmental issues are a matter of attitude; therefore we need to create the right attitude in each individual. The corner stone in building the right attitude is to create love and caring among all the people of the world. ¡°One world, one Family¡±.?

¡¡Beijing Olympics was a wonderful example to raise awareness that we are all like one Family!! Now we need to cultivate this thought in every one¡¯s heart and once this is done we can be sure that because of that love our conscious will not allow us to do harm to others by destroying our environment.

¡¡Environmental problems are mainly due to mankind¡¯s self-centeredness, which is caused by lack of love and care for others and for future generation!

¡¡How can we cultivate love?? Through material competition and strive for excessive wealth and power?? Or through moral education and character building??

¡¡Moral education starts in the family when the baby is born and continues all throughout the educational institutions and the media. Therefore, parents carry the highest responsibilities in this respect!

¡¡The challenge of dealing with Environmental problems is today more than ever before a global challenge and it needs immediate actions for sustainable development both at local and global level. According to the International Chamber of Commerce ICC ¡°sustainable development involves meeting the needs of present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their needs¡­¡±

¡¡Our Earth is the greatest gift from our creator to us!! Could we destroy the gift, which someone has given to us?

¡¡Dear friends, let¡¯s work together as one family to protect our Earth and to show our appreciation for this wonderful gift!!¡¡Xie Xie!!

Zekro delivered a speech
on 40th World Earth Day
Zekro performed drum-beating
Ms.Bai Jinghong chaired the ceremony
Exhibits on the spot
Zekro and Raija read a brochure while Ms. Bai Jinghong£¬Vice Chairman of Suzhou Association for Science and Technology recevied a press interview
Ms. Bai Jinghong and SZAST working staff took picture with Zekro and Raija

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